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Interior view of a living room featuring white Marvin Replacement windows overlooking a lake.

Living Room Window Ideas: Large + Small Living Room Solutions

Your living room can serve as the heart of your home where activity centers. If you have a large living room or a small living room, the right living room window design ideas matter. Some homeowners like large living room windows to capture more natural light. Others can want small window ideas for a living room to add style. Find inspiration for your living room windows with these ideas!

Living Room Window Considerations

If you’re replacing living room windows or adding new living room windows, there are things to consider. There are different types of windows, sizes, materials, and aesthetics to think about to create the perfect look for your home.  

  • Window Size: The size of your windows is one of the things that affects window costs. Window size also matters when you think about living room design ideas. The size of the windows you’re adding or replacing should fit the space. Large windows in a small living room can overpower the room and make it feel smaller. Small windows in a large living room can create an unusual look. Knowing how to measure windows makes a big difference because they need a proper fit for an opening. Marvin Replacement experts measure your windows and verify the measurements for a proper fit.

  • Window Direction: The direction your living room faces should factor into your living room windows decision. A south-facing living room will see more sunshine than other directions. You can choose class coating options for the best windows for your climate. If you live in a sunny, hot climate you might want a glass coating that blocks more UV rays and has lower solar heat gain.

  • Window Material: The window material you choose for living room windows matters. Each window frame material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl, wood, and fiberglass are common window materials. Marvin Replacement builds windows with our proprietary Ultrex® fiberglass. When you compare vinyl vs. fiberglass windows, you’ll see Ultrex fiberglass has 8x more strength than vinyl windows.

  • Glass Coatings: Low emissivity (Low-E) glass coatings are thin metallic layers on window glass that can help block UV rays. UV rays can damage furniture and other décor items by causing them to fade. Marvin Replacement offers four Low-E options that can suit your climate the best. The coatings have different Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) values. Lower SHGC numbers allow less heat into a room, making them better for sunny, hot climates.

Which Type of Window is Best for a Living Room?

The best types of windows for a living room include:

  • Casement

  • Bay

  • Bow

  • Double Hung

  • Picture

  • Slider

Picking the best type of window for your living room depends on several things. Certain windows pair better with specific architectural styles. The size of your living room can dictate how many windows you can have. Living room size can also determine the size of your windows so they fit proportionate to the room. You can also select window options to complete living room looks. When you’re ready, a Marvin Replacement design consultant can guide you through all details of replacing your living room windows.

Living Room Window Ideas

Looking for the best windows for your home and living room? Becoming more familiar with the types of replacement windows helps you make an informed decision. When you’re thinking about window ideas for your living room, consider window styles. You also must weigh how a window functions and the views it can bring. The size of your living room can set you down different window ideas. Large window living room ideas can differ from small living room window ideas.

Inswing French Casement Living Room

Living Room Casement Windows

Casement windows combine clear views with wide openings for soothing breezes. Casement windows often get paired side by side to create big viewing areas. Plus, you can choose how wide you want to open a casement window. Bow windows feature casement windows and bay windows can come with casement windows. The crank handle operation of casement windows make them popular and easy to open. Marvin Replacement Casement Windows feature a tuckaway handle that extends out to open the window.

Bay window in cashmere exterior finish

Living Room Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows make a design splash for a home. They become a focal point of a home’s curb appeal because they extend outward. They offer large viewing areas and fit will in large living rooms. Bay and bow windows have traditional appeal. They often feature window grids to accentuate the look.

Choosing a bay vs. bow window can come down to the space you have available. In most cases, bay windows come with three windows. The smaller configuration makes them ideal for small living room windows. Bow windows can have four, five, or six windows, making them better suited for bigger living rooms.

An extra benefit of living room bay windows and bow windows is they create more seating space or shelving. The seat board provides a nook to let sun shine on you while relaxing. Or, you can use the space for more storage.

Interior view of living room picture windows with black window grilles.

Living Room Picture Windows

When you’re looking for large living room window ideas, consider picture windows. Picture windows can come in a variety of shapes to fit almost any space in a living room. They can also come in large sizes. Marvin Replacement picture windows can come as large at 56 square feet. Picture windows don’t open and close like other windows. You can pair picture windows with windows that do open and close. Awning windows often appear below or above picture windows. They provide ventilation and to extend views. You can also consider a transom window for a living room. A transom window can extend the width of a living room to provide another path for sunlight to enter.

Exterior of stucco home with Marvin Replacement Double Hung windows.

Double Hung Living Room Windows

Double hung windows have traditional appeal. Marvin Replacement models its double hung windows to look like classic wood windows. Double hung and single hung windows look similar. The difference between a double hung window vs. a single hung window is the upper sash operation. The upper sash moves on a double hung window. The upper sash does not move with a single hung window. An opened upper sash helps improve air circulation by allowing hot air to escape. An opened lower sash allows cool air to enter at the same time.

Cleaning Marvin Replacement Double Hung Windows is easy with our tilt-in sash. Press the tilt release button on our double hung window to bring the sash into a room. You can clean the exterior window side from inside your home.

slider windows and sliding patio door

Living Room Slider Windows

Slider windows fit well in living rooms because they can stretch wide. You can choose different configurations, like our slider triple sash window to expand your views.

Energy Efficient Windows

Consider energy efficiency with your living room windows. The type of Low-E glass coating and window material play a role in the energy efficiency of a window. You can also look for ENERGY STAR®-certified windows. A Marvin Replacement design consultant can review options for the best fit for your climate. Energy efficient windows can help you save money on your energy bill.*

*Source 2023: D+R International in support of ENERGY STAR. Savings estimates are based on EnergyPlus 9.5 modeling for typical homes in 132 U.S. cities. Ranges are based on the average savings among homes in modeled cities. Actual savings will vary based on local climate conditions, utility rates, and individual home characteristics.

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