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Marvin Replacement installer carrying half round window with a Marvin Replacement window label sticker.
How to Read a Window Label
What do all the numbers and ratings mean on a window label and why are they important? Those numbers can help you find the best windows for your home, climate, and more. Find out how to read a window label.
How to Read a Window Label
Interior view of a white Marvin Replacement Inswing French Door.
French Doors vs. Sliding Doors
Choosing French doors vs. sliding glass doors comes down to several factors because each has unique style details. Learn what makes the two patio door types different and why you might choose one over another.
French Doors vs. Sliding Doors
Line drawing of a casement and awning window.
Casement vs. Awning Windows
Is an awning window just a casement window turned to the side? Not exactly. Both crank windows have unique styles that can make them better suited for different spaces. See the differences to find the right one for the right spot in your home.
Casement vs. Awning Windows
Double hung vs single hung windows graphic
Double Hung Windows vs. Single Hung
Curious what makes a double hung window different from a single hung window? Or want to know why you'd want a double hung window vs. a single hung? Learn more about the differences to find the right one for your home.
Double Hung Windows vs. Single Hung
A view of a Spanish style home from a drone featuring lots of windows.
11 Home Styles That Feature Lots of Windows
Craving more natural light in your home? For each home style, there is a window type that works best to capture more natural light and add style to your home. We’ve outlined ones that fit best.
View Homes with Stunning Windows
A Marvin Replacement window installers uses a caulk gun to seal a window.
What is a Home Energy Audit?
A home energy audit can give you a picture of improvements you can make to your home to decrease energy use and can improve energy efficiency beyond replacing your windows and doors.
Do you need a home energy audit?