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View of a living room with white Marvin Replacement Slider windows.

Picture Perfect Living: Enhancing Your Living Room View with Large Windows

Homes with large windows make a statement. Large window designs create unique home looks and bring many benefits. Large windows for a house can come in a variety of shapes and styles to suit your home. See how you can add large windows to your home and how to use them.

Large Windows

Large windows can open or remain closed depending on the type of window you choose. Marvin Replacement has several styles of large double-pane windows perfect for your home. You can choose large window sizes for a large living room window or other places in your home. One of our design consultants can cover all your large window ideas, even large black-framed windows.

Benefits of Large Windows

Large replacement windows bring several benefits to your home. Large glass windows expand views and add sunlight to rooms. Large windows also help connect you to the outdoors with better viewing. The size of large opening windows also means they can bring the sweet scents of flowers into your home, along with cool, soothing breezes. With large windows you can craft floor-to-ceiling window looks for contemporary style. A combination of windows can make a room feel larger with the flood of natural light. Big windows also mean you can enjoy the benefits of solar heat to make a room feel cozy.

Large Living Room Windows

Large windows for a living room make it feel more spacious and inviting. When you’re thinking about large living room window ideas, consider function and style. A casement window vs. a double hung window functions different. A casement window swings out to open. A double hung window slides open on a window frame. Awning windows vs. casement windows have different orientations. They fit spaces in separate ways. Living room large windows can also feature style accents, like window grilles.

With large living room windows, think about where the sun will enter the space throughout the day. The sunlight can create glare on a TV. You’ll have to consider window treatments that can limit that. If your living room faces the west, think about the solar heat from a setting sun as you arrange your living room.

The size of your living room will help you decide how big of a window you can have. Too large of a living room window can overwhelm the space and make it feel out of proportion. Too small of a living room window has the opposite effect.

Picture windows paired with opening windows create a floor-to-ceiling window look. The combination also helps with air circulation.

Large Windows that Open

Searching for a large opening window? There are several large windows that open you can choose for your home. Bay and bow windows are some of the biggest window options available. They feature several windows mulled together for expansive views. They can also have opening windows throughout or just at the end. Bay and bow windows also provide a nook that adds space to your home, perfect for a seating or extra shelving.

Large home windows can include picture windows. Picture windows do not open, like other windows but they can come in large sizes, like bay and bow windows. Large front window ideas can include a slider triple sash. The windows on the end open and close while the middle window remains closed.

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