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Exterior view of a white Marvin Replacement sliding French door with prairie grilles.

Custom French Doors: Glass, Black, White, and More Designs

Elegant French doors add sophistication to a home with a bold look. You can choose custom French doors for your home with Marvin Replacement. Custom French doors flood spaces with warming natural light. They also expand your indoor-outdoor living. See how custom French doors can change your home after exploring color options and design ideas.

Can French Doors be Custom Made?

Yes! Marvin Replacement custom builds each and every swinging patio doors to perfectly fit your home. We use Ultrex® fiberglass for our French doors for timeless style and durability. Choose from 1, 2, or 3-panel swinging French doors. Or, you can pick a sliding French door that can span 4-panels wide and 16-feet.

sliding french door

Innovative French Door Designs

French doors either have one door that swings open or two doors that open. The difference in visual style between French doors vs. sliding glass doors is French doors have a wider bottom rail. The wider bottom rail provides a bolder look. Two-panel French doors will open from the middle where the doors meet. A 3-panel French door has an extra door that will not open. You can design custom looks by adding windows around French doors.

Inswing French Doors

The advantage of inswing French doors is they’re easy to open in climates that experience snow in the winter. Another advantage is they open and close quick to help prevent cold air from escaping in warm climates. Inswing French doors have large glass panels to capture the outdoor views you love. Marvin Replacement Inswing French Doors can include up to 3 panels to maximize views and natural light.

Exterior view of a two-panel white Marvin Replacement inswing french door.
Interior view of a white Marvin Replacement Outswing French door.

Outswing French Doors

Outswing exterior French doors swing open toward the outdoors. They have appeal because they don’t take up interior space with their swing path. Marvin Replacement Outswing French Doors can also extend to 3 panels and open from the middle.

Sliding French Doors

Sliding French doors combine traditional style with contemporary appeal. Marvin Replacement Sliding French Doors can include 4 panels for panoramic views and seamless indoor-outdoor living.

Interior view of a two-panel black Marvin Replacement sliding French door.
inswing patio door framed by double hung windows

Add Extra Windows

Windows above a double French door create a unique French door design. You can add a transom window above a French door to add natural light and expand views. You can also use flanking windows, or sidelites, with French doors to extend outdoor sights. Sidelites invite more illuminating sunlight into your home.

For more creative looks consider arch windows with double swinging doors. Arch windows above French doors form a custom look that adds more appeal. Likewise, special shape windows can pair perfect above French for exciting designs.

French Door Color Options

Exterior Colors

Marvin Replacement features seven exterior colors and five interior colors. That includes our EverWood® finish, which looks like wood but without the maintenance. In some instances, you can choose one color to match your interior and another color that complements your exterior color scheme.

Selected: Stone White

stone white color
An example of a Sierra finish option for Marvin Replacement windows and patio doors.
An example of a Cashmere finish option for Marvin Replacement windows and patio doors.
Example of a Pebble Gray finish color for Marvin Replacement windows and patio doors.
An example of a Bronze finish for Marvin Replacement windows and patio doors.
An example of a Bahama color finish for Marvin Replacement windows and patio doors.
An example of an Ebony finish color with Marvin Replacement windows and patio doors.
Exterior side of a Marvin Replacement Sliding French door in a Stone White color finish.

Marvin's Ultrex® fiberglass finish is verified to the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 624 specification. Achieving AAMA 624 verification means that our Ultrex finish has passed rigorous tests that simulate the harsh conditions a finish can encounter throughout the life of a window or door.

Interior Colors

We use the same tough acrylic finish on our four interior color options that we use on our exterior colors. You can also choose our stainable EverWood® interior finish for the look of wood without the maintenance.

Selected: Stone White

stone white color
Sierra swatch
EverWood finish sample
Bronze swatch
Ebony swatch
Interior side of a Marvin Replacement Sliding French door with a Stone White color finish.

1. Sierra interior is not available with Ebony exterior

2. Bronze interior is only available with Bronze exterior

3. Ebony interior is only available with Ebony exterior

Elegant Black French Doors for a Contemporary Look

A black interior French door frame color creates a contrast with the rest of a home’s interior color scheme. People can choose black French doors to add a contemporary look to their home. Black French doors work well with homes that feature whites or off-whites inside.

Interior view of a black four-panel Marvin Replacement Sliding French door.
Kitchen French Sliding Patio Door

Classic White French Doors for Timeless Appeal

White French doors have classic appeal. They bring benefits to different spots in your home. White French doors can reflect light to heighten the effect of natural light. White French doors can make a space feel larger, too.

Other French Door Color Options

Aside from black French doors and white French doors, you can select a handful of colors to match your home’s interior and exterior. Marvin Replacement finishes include: Bahama Brown, Sierra, Cashmere, Pebble Gray, Bronze, and our interior finish EverWood. Our acrylic finish is 3x thicker than competitive options. It resists fading, dings, dents, and scratches.

Interior view of a Marvin Replacement three-panel sliding French door with an EverWood finish

French Doors with Glass Panels

Marvin Replacement French doors feature large glass panels so you can maximize daylight. The big French doors with glass panels expand outside views. If you’re concerned about privacy with a French door, we have decorative glass options that obscure views.

French Doors with Decorative Glass

French doors with decorative glass allow you to maintain your privacy while still letting in warming natural light. Decorative glass in French doors makes sense in spaces that you can view from the street, so you don’t have worry about sights inside your home. Marvin Replacement has six decorative glass designs to obscure outside views.

Interior view of a bedroom featuring French doors

Bedroom French Doors

Bedroom French doors create a special look, especially in a master bedroom. Bedroom French doors can open to a balcony, porch, or patio. You can craft them to capture gorgeous views of a backyard garden. Or, you can get swept up in watching nature through bedroom French doors. French doors in a bedroom allow you to harness the benefits of natural light and feel refreshed in the morning.

Dining Room French Doors

Adding a French door to your dining room can make it feel like you’re dining al fresco. A kitchen French door can make the space feel open and airy. French doors can open to a patio or a deck to expand your indoor-outdoor living with ease.

Living Room French Doors

French doors in a living room provide quick access to the outside without allowing the outdoors in. You also won't lose too much hot or cold air when opening them. Double French doors in a living room make a statement. Living room French doors can lead to the backyard and provide sweeping scenes.

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