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A man in a blue shirt holds on to the lower sash of a Marvin Replacement window.

How to Clean Your Marvin Replacement Windows

Marvin Replacement windows and patio doors require virtually no maintenance but should you need or want to clean them, we have some cleaning tips. Review our complete cleaning guide for screens, Ultrex®, EverWood®, hardware, and spring cleaning tips to keep your Marvin Replacement windows and doors looking their best. 

*SAFETY FIRST: When cleaning your windows and doors, be careful on ladders. Protective eyewear and clothing are a great idea. Make sure you follow manufacturer's instructions for safe cleaning solution use and disposal.

Table of Contents

How to Clean Marvin Replacement Window and Door Glass

Window Cleaning Recommendations

Cleaning Windows from the Outside

How to Remove Window Mildew

How to Clean Ultrex Fiberglass

How to Clean EverWood

How to Clean Window + Patio Door Screens

How to Clean Window + Door Hardware

How to Clean Sliding Door Tracks

How to Clean Marvin Replacement Window and Door Glass 

  1. TIP: Use care when cleaning coated glass. Do not use any abrasive cleaning solutions or materials. Do not use scrapers of any size or type. 

  2. Loosen dirt and debris with a non-abrasive cloth soaked in clean water. A micro-fiber cloth works well.

  3. Spray glass with a Marvin Replacement-approved cleaner. TIP: You may want to place a towel under the window to collect any drips and to wipe up any excess. 

  4. Avoid cleaning windows while in direct sunlight. Cleaning in direct sunlight can lead to streaks.  

  5. Dry all window gaskets, sealants and frames. TIP: A small squeegee works well to clear the solution from the window. 

Window Cleaning Recommendations

Here are some additional things to consider when cleaning your windows.

  • Use caution on ladders, wear protective eyewear, and clothing when cleaning the exterior side. When working with primers, paints, stains, cleaning solutions, etc. follow local codes or manufacturer’s instructions.  

  • Inspect weatherstripping for damage. Take care when using paints, stains or varnishes as these products can damage weather stripping.  

  • Examine window or door’s interior and exterior finish. Regular maintenance can extend the life of the finish.  

  • Inspect exterior caulking around the outer edges of the window or door frame. Trim any loose caulk and reseal any gaps with a quality caulk.  

  • Check all hardware (locks, opening mechanisms, etc.) for smooth operation.  

  • Inspect exposed hardware screws; tighten if loose.  

Cleaning Windows from the Outside

Marvin Replacement makes cleaning easier with our casement, single hung, and double hung windows. Our casement windows don’t need cleaning from the outside because our Easy Wash® hinge allows you to clean the window exterior from inside your home.

Our single hung and double hung windows have an easy tilt operation that allows you to clean the window exterior from the inside when press the tilt release button and tilt the sash into the room.

How to Remove Window Mildew

Mildew is a fungus that thrives on warmth and moisture. Mildew usually has a brown or black color. If you’re unsure if something is mildew, you can test it by placing a drop of bleach on the area. If small gas bubbles appear, then it’s mildew. You can use an approved cleaning solution to remove the mildew.

CAUTION: Wear protective eyewear and skin protection, and keep the area well ventilated. Make sure the surface is clean and reapply if discoloration remains.

How to Clean Ultrex Fiberglass

  • Use a Marvin Replacement-approved general purpose cleaner.

  • Apply cleaning solution to a non-abrasive cloth and wipe the surface

  • Rinse with clean water

  • Use a soft brush or cloth to remove bugs, grime, dirt or dust

  • Do not use extreme pressure, scrubbing, solvents, paint thinner or other chemicals

How to Clean EverWood

EverWood is Marvin Replacement’s proprietary finish that mimics the look of wood for interior windows. It can be cleaned similarly to Ultrex, but should not be sanded.

  • Use a damp non-abrasive cloth soaked in warm water to clean the surface

  • Wipe dry with a dry non-abrasive cloth and allow surface to dry

  • If necessary, use an approved cleaning solution with a soft cloth or soft brush to remove bugs, grime, dirt or dust

  • Rinse cleaning solution off with warm water and let dry

  • Do not sand surface

How to Clean Window + Patio Door Screens

Most screens can be removed by pulling screen pull tabs toward the center of the unit until it clears the screen channel. Push the screen out to the exterior or toward you and turn diagonally to bring inside. Review the owner’s manual for specific instructions for different styles.

  • Spray screens with clean water to remove dust and debris

  • Let the screens completely dry before replacing

  • When cleaning door screens, always work from the exterior of the door

  • TIP: It’s recommended to remove screens in snowy climates because snow and ice can collect, causing the screen to sag.

CAUTION: Screens do not serve as a safety device. Do not allow children or pets to sit or play on window sills, push, or fall against window screens because it can lead to a fall through the window or door opening. Screens will not stop children from falling out of a window. Keep children away from open windows and follow these window safety tips.

How to Clean Window + Door Hardware

  • Use a clean, non-abrasive, damp cloth to polish handles

  • Use a Marvin Replacement-approved cleaning solution to remove heavier deposits

  • Remove water and cleaner; dry thoroughly with a soft cloth

  • Do not use household cleaners, window cleaners, abrasive cleaners, bleaches, solvents, polishes or other chemicals unless recommended by the manufacturer

How to Clean Sliding Door Tracks Tips

Anyone with a patio door, especially an older sliding glass door, knows that even just a little bit of dirt or debris can disrupt the door’s movement. If you’ve got a patio door that doesn’t move smoothly, chances are that it might not close properly, leaving gaps for air to penetrate. Here are some easy cleaning tips: 

  • A soft bristle vacuum cleaner attachment can help remove the big stuff while a damp non-abrasive cloth can remove the finer dirt and debris. 

  • We recommend that you give your Marvin Replacement patio doors an annual inspection and cleaning.  

  • It’s important to check the weatherstripping, finish, exterior caulking, and hardware each year and just before winter is a good time.  

  • Our Ultrex fiberglass can be cleaned with an approved cleaning solution, water, and a non-abrasive cloth.  

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