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Exterior view of a TruStile black Traditional Style front door.

Guide to Buying a Front Door

Front door replacement is a big decision and it’s important to know the front door installation process so you can make the right decision. Marvin Replacement makes getting a front door installed easy.  

What are the Best Front Doors? 

Finding the best front door for your home includes getting the right look, material, and best experience. Marvin Replacement makes the replacement front door experience easy from your initial design consultation to a hassle-free installation. Sit back and let our Marvin Replacement team show you all the customization possibilities with our featured front door offerings from TruStile®, a Marvin® brand.  

Wood Front Doors

Wood doors offer classic appeal and come in a variety of styles to suit your home’s architecture. Wood doors can require some upkeep and usually need an overhang or a storm door to guard against any warping or other damage.   

Fiberglass Front Doors

Fiberglass doors are durable, energy efficient, and virtually maintenance-free. Ask about our fiberglass patio door options during a free, no-pressure design consultation.  

Steel Front Doors

Steel front doors make for a strong entry. Steel doors are also energy efficient, require little maintenance, and can come in colors to complement your home.   

Energy Efficient Front Doors

Your front door is an area where your home can experience energy loss. A new entry door can improve energy efficiency by sealing air leaks better. Look for entry doors with an ENERGY STAR® label to find the most energy efficient doors. Learn more about the impact of energy efficient doors and windows.

Door Slab vs. Pre-Hung Door Replacement 

Replacement front doors get installed as a door slab or a pre-hung door. A door slab replacement is just a pre-cut piece of wood in the shape of a door. A pre-hung door replacement will include a frame. Marvin Replacement installers only perform pre-hung door replacements.

What is a Door Slab Replacement? 

A door slab replacement is just a door and doesn’t include any hardware. You’ll need to use the existing hardware for your door or get new hardware. A door slab replacement can be a good idea if your door frame is in good condition and the door will fit in the frame. 

What is Pre-Hung Exterior Door Installation? 

A pre-hung entry door replacement simply replaces the existing door and frame. The door comes set in the frame and requires removal of the existing frame.  

What Style of Front Door is Right for Your Home? 

During your Marvin Replacement consultation, our design consultant will showcase several styles and configurations to best fit your home’s architecture. Explore Modern, Traditional, Modern Farmhouse, French Country, Coastal, Mediterranean, Craftsman, and Cape Cod style front doors. Also, choose from a variety of layouts, sidelites, transoms, and finishes to accentuate your entryway. 

Are the Frame and Door Insulated? 

A full-frame exterior door replacement will typically have insulation around the frame applied during installation. Additional door insulation options include weatherstripping, though new front doors usually won’t need additional insulation. TruStile exterior doors use double pane insulated glass to make doors energy efficient.  

What Kind of Warranty is Included? 

TruStile exterior doors come with a limited warranty. See warranty details.  

Replacement Door FAQs 

Will the installers haul the old door away? 

Marvin Replacement installers also haul away the old front door when they install a new exterior door.  

Should the door swing in or out? 

Most front doors will swing in, but in some regions, a front door should swing out. In areas that experience hurricanes, doors that swing out are less likely to be blown off by high winds.  
Find the perfect front door for your home and relax, knowing that Marvin Replacement experts will handle the details. 

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