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Exterior view of a TruStile Modern Farmhouse style entry door.

When to Replace Front Doors

Your front door makes a big impact on your home’s curb appeal. It’s important to have one that functions and doesn’t look dated.

Signs to Replace Your Front Door

If you’re thinking it’s time for an entry door upgrade, first learn the signs that it’s time to replace a front door. Here are some of the clear signs that you need to find a new front door.

Broken Front Door Lock

You can fix a broken front door lock, but you might need to replace the front door in some instances. If your front door doesn’t lock snugly it could need replacing. Your door could have warped to prevent it from locking tight. A warped front door needs replacement. 

Front Door Damage

If your front door has suffered extensive damage, it’s imperative to replace it. A broken front door can potentially lead to safety issues with your home.

Loose Door Hinges

Squeaky door hinges might only need lubricant and screws tightened. But it can also mean a failing entry door. If your door continues to have issues after lubricating the hinges it could need replacing. A door with loose hinges can compromise its ability to close tight.  

Door Scratches and Dents

Door scratches and dents make for an eyesore. They also can impact your home’s energy efficiency by allowing air to leak through. Scratches can lead to rust on metal doors and affect the integrity of the door. Rust can be tough to remove and replacing a front door is likely the best move.

Front Door Hard to Close

If your entry door has become difficult to open and close, you might be looking at a door replacement. Old wooden doors can warp over time, especially in areas with extreme temperatures. An experienced DIYer might be able to repair a warped door. For many replacing an old, warped door might be an easier solution.

Water Leaking Through Front Door

Interior condensation can mean excess humidity in the home. Too much humidity can lead to mold, mildew, and warping. To stop condensation, you’ll have to reduce the humidity level inside your home. If the issue has gone on for a while, you might need to replace the door.

If you have a door with glass, some issues can lead to replacing an entry door. Condensation between window panes means the seal between the panes has broken. The seal holds a non-toxic insulating inert gas for energy efficiency. When a seal breaks, replacement is often the best option.

You Can Feel a Draft Under Front Door

If you feel air coming through the bottom of your front door, you can add weatherstripping or replace the threshold. Depending upon the age of the door, replacing it could be a better option.

Front Door Rotting Wood Has Become Noticeable

Rotting wood is a clear sign it’s time for a new front door. Wood rot signals moisture has affected the door. Wood rot can cause a door frame to warp, making it difficult to open and close a door.

Insects Have Damaged Your Door

In some regions, insects like termites can wreak havoc on wood entry doors. If your front door has suffered significant insect damage, it’s time for a front door replacement. Insect damage can create spaces for water and other bugs to enter.

Front Door Style

Front door trends change over time and your front door might not look in style. You can also move into a new home and not love the look of the front door. People replace front doors to update their home’s style and look. Marvin Replacement offers TruStile® entry doors. TruStile has eight styles of front doors. Choose from: Modern, Traditional, Modern Farmhouse, French Country, Coastal, Mediterranean, Craftsman, and Cape Cod style entry doors to find the perfect look for your home.

Picking the Best Front Door for Your Home

If your front door is beyond repair or in need of a style update knowing how to pick the best front door for your home will help. The first decision you’ll have to make about a new front door is the type of material you want. Some of the best front door materials include: steel, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum.

Front Door Materials

Different types of front doors have their own benefits and disadvantages. You might value durability over design characteristics. If that’s the case, you’ll want to look at metal doors or fiberglass. Wood doors can need a little more upkeep but hold wide appeal for the looks they offer.

  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass front doors offer a durable option that stands up in all types of weather because of their low expansion rate. They can also come in a variety of colors.

  • Steel: Replacing a front door with a steel entry door rates as a good remodeling project. According to Remodeling Magazine homeowners recoup 100.9% of their investment when they sell their home.

  • Wood: Wood doors have character and charm. They can come in a variety of wood styles with unique grain patterns. TruStile offers two wood door systems: the Resilient™ Wood Entry System and the Reserve™ Wood Entry System. The Resilient system comes painted while the Reserve system showcases stained natural wood. You can choose from 10 natural wood species with the Reserve system.

  • Aluminum: Aluminum doors have long lifespans because they won’t rust. Most aluminum doors come with a baked-on enamel finish. That means you won’t have to repaint them.

New Front Door Benefits

There are several benefits with adding a new front door. Some of the benefits of a new front door include:

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