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A woman wipes the glass on a Marvin Replacement Double Hung window with grilles between the glass.

Window Cleaning Tips + Tricks 

*Safety tip: Be sure to take proper safety precautions when using ladders. Wear protective eyewear and clothing. Follow all manufacturer’s instructions when using cleaning solutions and follow disposal instructions. 

Marvin Replacement windows need next-to no maintenance, but an annual inspection always helps. Spring is an ideal time for a yearly look at your windows but fall offers a good time, too. As trees start to drop leaves in the fall, debris can accumulate on your windows. Here’s what to do when you clean your windows. 

When to Clean Windows 

People like to include window cleaning as part of their spring cleaning list. Spring is a good time to clean windows since your windows can accumulate dirt and debris through the winter. Spring works well to clean your windows before you host friends and family during summer. 

Fall is a good time to clean your windows, too. Tree sap can collect on window exteriors and fall’s a good time to take down your outside screens before winter. You can also clean your window screens before you store them in a cool, dry place until spring. If you live in a snowy climate, removing your screens can prevent them from accumulating snow. The weight of the snow can cause screens to sag. 

Window Cleaning Supplies 

You don’t need many supplies to clean your windows. A squeegee helps you get streak-free windows. A microfiber cloth will ensure no lint will get left on the windows. Placing a drop cloth to cover the window sill, wall, and floor in your home will help catch any water drips. 

  • Water bucket 

  • Squeegee 

  • Microfiber cloths 

  • Drop cloth 

Window Cleaning Tips 

A few window cleaning tips and tricks can help make your windows sparkle. 

  1. Be sure to check with your window manufacturer to see if your window glazing requires special handling when cleaning. 

  2. Have Two Microfiber Cloths: One for inside and one for outside. You don’t want to use the cloth you used for your outside windows inside your home. An outside cloth collects dirt and grime, which you don’t want to bring into your home. Having separate cloths solves that problem. 

  3. Start with the Frame: Start cleaning your windows by going around the frame. Once done with the frame, you can tackle the glass. Cleaning the frame first will remove any dirt and help prevent you from spreading it to the window glass. 

  4. Work Top to Bottom, Side to Side: Avoid wiping glass using a circular motion. A circular motion can create static, which attracts dust to the surface. Clean from the top down in a side-to-side motion. 

  5. Use a Squeegee: A squeegee helps prevent window streaks. You can use a new rubber squeegee blade to ensure a streak-free clean.   

  6. Use a Microfiber Cloth: Microfiber cloths collect link and won’t scratch your windows. 

  7. Clean on a Cloudy Day: Cleaning your windows on a cloudy day won’t make the chore any more enjoyable. It will result in better looking windows. Direct sunlight can evaporate cleaning solution before you can wipe it away. When that happens, it leaves streaks behind. 

Clean Window + Patio Tracks 

If you have slider windows, it’s important to clean the tracks so they continue to glide smoothly. The same goes for patio door tracks. Dirt and debris get deposited in the tracks and they need cleaning for easy operating. A soft bristle vacuum extension works well for cleaning window and patio door tracks. 

Window Parts to Check 

Cleaning your windows and patio doors gives you a chance to check the hardware and other window parts. Here’s what else to check with your windows and patio doors

  • Inspect weatherstripping—Weatherstripping prevents water and air from entering the home. It can deteriorate with age. 

  • Examine finish—Clean your window or door’s interior and exterior finish to help extend the life of the finish. 

  • Check exterior caulking—It’s important to look to see if you have any fading caulk around your windows. Trim and remove any old and loose caulking. 

  • Inspect hardware—Look at your window hardware, like the locks, crank, etc. to make sure they are working. 

  • Tighten screws—Take a minute to check the screws on your doors and windows and tighten any if needed. 

  • Clean moving parts—Wipe away any dirt, dust, sand or debris from the door and window hinges, and tracks. 

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