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A man paints a window frame white with a yellow handled paint brush in his left hand.

Can You Paint Fiberglass Windows?

If you’re wondering if you can paint fiberglass windows, the answer is yes. But you also don’t need to paint them because the color won’t fade. If you want to paint your windows to refresh your home’s look or other reasons, here’s what to know about painting fiberglass windows.

When Do You Need to Paint Fiberglass Windows?

You shouldn’t have to paint fiberglass windows because the finish is fade-resistant. But you can change the finish color if you want to update your home’s look. You may need to paint your house and choose a different color for the siding. In that case, you might want to paint your windows a new color to match. The same can hold true for your home’s interior. If you have Marvin Replacement windows and need to touch them up, a Marvin Replacement representative can provide you with touch-up paint.

Marvin Replacement windows feature an acrylic finish that’s three times thicker than competitive options. That means it resists fading, chalking, chipping, denting, or peeling. Other finishes can suffer from pockmarks for a rougher appearance. Our finish remains smooth.

Fiberglass Window Painting Tips

Before painting your windows, check with the manufacturer's warranty to see if painting will void the warranty and use instructions provided by the manufacturer for your windows and doors. The Marvin Replacement owner’s manual provides complete instructions on how to paint our fiberglass windows and patio doors.

Before you begin painting, make sure you’ve taped off the portions of the window or trim that you don’t want painted. You may want to cover the walls or window sill with plastic to protect them from paint drips.

It’s best to paint in a well-ventilated space on days with low humidity. Humidity can affect the finish by allowing water droplets to get trapped in the paint. That can lead to a finish looking dull. When painting, the humidity should be less than 60%. The temperature should range between 65 and 90° F.

 Always wear proper attire, like long sleeves, gloves, and safety goggles.

What is the Best Paint to Use on Fiberglass Windows?

Quality exterior grade acrylic latex paint is the best paint to use on fiberglass windows. Acrylic latex paints adhere to fiberglass well. Acrylic latex paint is less likely to crack and blister while handling routine cleaning without losing its luster. A local paint store can also help you find the best paint for fiberglass windows.  

Marvin Replacement Color Options

If painting sounds like too much work, Marvin Replacement offers seven exterior color options and five interior color choices. The five interior selections include our EverWood® finish, which mimics the look of wood but without the maintenance. Choose from Stone White, Sierra, Bronze, or our Ebony finish for both your exterior and interior. Our Ebony finish is your choice if you want a black colored window. Our Ebony finish is only available as an interior color for black windows if the exterior is also in the Ebony finish.

For exterior window colors, you can also choose our Cashmere, Pebble Gray, and Bahama Brown finishes to match your siding, stucco, or brickwork.  

Ready for a New Look?

Schedule a free design consultation with Marvin Replacement to review color options and more. We’d love to hear about your project!

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