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Exterior view of an opened Marvin Replacement casement window.
Parts of a Window
Learn the common parts of a window and more. View different types of windows and the parts that make them up.
Window Parts
Casement exterior
Window Grids Guide
Learn more about window grids, grilles, simulated divided lites, grilles-between-the-glass to find the look that fits your house the best.
Window Grids Guide
An array of hinges, door handles, colors, and simulated lites for Marvin Replacement windows.
Window Features + Options
Discover the different design and feature options for your windows. View our window color options, hardware styles, and screen choices.
Window Features + Options
Bay window vs bow window comparison
Bay vs. Bow Windows: What's the Difference?
Not sure what the difference is between a bay window and a bow window? Both provide big views for your home but they do so differently. Find out the difference between a bay window vs a bow window.
Bay vs Bow Windows
Image of a home with big picture windows with a pool in the foreground.
What is a Picture Window?
Many windows get considered picture windows or get confused with other types of windows. Discover what a picture window is and the different shapes one can come in.
What is a Picture Window
Interior view of foggy wood windows with grids
What to Do When Foggy Windows Appear
Foggy windows affecting your view outside? Your foggy windows might be caused by condensation or a broken window seal. Find out why you have foggy windows.
Foggy Window Causes